Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Mistakes

 What is a Happy Mistake?

It happens all the time in my card making classes. Somebody gets inky fingers and gets a smudge on part of their card or they use a little to much pressure when inking the stamp and they get a bit more ink they intended. It's not a big deal. every piece of paper has two side and there are lots of quick fixes. There is no need to throw it out or start at the beginning. Sometimes I like the fix better than the original. That's why we call it a happy mistake!


The ink pad was new and juicy. I used a bit to much pressure when I inked the stamp and when I stamped the extra ink  left a shadow.

No Problem

My quick fix produced a happy mistake!

Instead of starting over, I just stamped my sentiment on a scrap of the pink I used for the embossed layer,die cut it, and adhered with a dimensional!

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